How I Rate Books

Here at The Book Drunkard, you’ll notice that at the end of my reviews, there’s a section called “Final Verdict,” where I’ll write “X out of 5 stars.” Well, here’s what each of those stars means and how I decide which one fits best.

1 star: I did not like this book. I probably won’t use the 1 star rating too often (at least, I hope not), but when I do, it’s because I didn’t enjoy reading that book at all. I’d dislike everything about it: the quality of the writing, the characters, the plot, etc. There may be one or two aspects that I thought were OK, but they wouldn’t be enough to save this book.

2 stars: Meh…It’s OK, I guess. If a book’s rated 2 stars, then it means that I didn’t hate it, but I also didn’t really like it. The plot may not be all that great, the characters may be kind of boring, but hey, the book kept me interested for a while, and I didn’t want to throw it across the room more than once or twice. This is a book that could keep you occupied for a few hours.

3 stars: I like it. The plot’s good, characters are interesting, something unexpected happens…most books will probably fall around 3 stars. It’s not horrible, it’s not amazing, but it’s still pretty good. I’d recommend it.

4 stars: I really like it. A 4 star book is really close to being a favorite. The characters are people I’d like to know, the plot runs smoothly, and the author is really good at what they do. There may only be one or two things holding this book back from being amazing. In other words, this book’s a keeper.

5 stars: This book is awesome. Everyone needs to read it.

So, there you have it: the method to my ratings.


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